Hotel School Maastricht – Update!


This is the introduction for all new students to the city of Maastricht. It will allow students to get to know lots of people and enjoy all the city has to offer. From a museum, to a good party! It takes place mid-August. Not compulsory, but highly recommended. Check out their website.



Boostcamp will be giving students a boost to get started with life and study at HMSM! They will get to know all their fellow students, do fun workshops and visit some amazing hotels. This will leave them inspired! Boostcamp is usually in the last week of August or first week of February. It is compulsory, but students wouldn’t want to miss out!


Buddy system:

The buddy programme will help students to kick start life in Maastricht with fellow classmates. They’ll enjoy a monthly event in the first semester to explore life outside of campus. On the programme are fun things such as a wine tasting, pub quiz or tour across Maastricht.

Study, work & live together – Hotel School Maastricht

Stand on your own feet:

The new Student Residences are finished! Management Maastricht first group of first-year students have moved in on campus. Living and studying together go hand-in-hand. Let the students show you around their new homes!


Meet in “the cloud”:

Strange times! So what better way to get to know the school than an information session “in the cloud”? Management Maastrich organize a session every month! Students will hear all the ins & outs of the programme. Student Saskia tells about it in the video below:

Hotel Management School Maastricht | Meet us in “the cloud” ENG


Practice what you preach:

Corona or no Corona, our lecturers are still offering lots of on-campus classes! For years innovation has been a pillar of Management Maastrich’s curriculum. “practice what you preach!” started applying all sorts of innovation to the online education to keep students engaged and inspired. Lecturer Luc Houben shares his experience:

Hotel Management School Maastricht | Practice what you preach ENG

Hotel School Maastricht

Open Days – Digital hospitality

Feel welcomed to get to know us – even when that is online! Every month your student can enjoy an online open day. He/she will learn more about the curriculum and what life and study at our campus is all about! Our third-year student Jack will be happy to give you a taster.


Students love a challenge

Also a big fan of taster classes for your students? So are we! Your students can now join for an online ‘Academic Challenge’. A free and very fun event including a lecture and a quiz. Students can enrol here for the classes in:

  • Hotel Business
  • Financial Management
  • Gastronomy


How to ace the HMSM selection procedure!

We’re a selected entry programme. Out of more than 1400 applications we select 390 students. No doubt about it, preparation is key! Five golden tips for your students to prepare like a pro:

  1. Know what the selection procedure entails and stick to the assignment. Don’t make the essay a motivational letter!
  2. Read up on cool & short hospitality articles in the newsletter of Ehotelier.
  3. Attend an open day. Think about how the pillars and values of the school match with you. Build those bridges in preparation for your interview.
  4. Chat to our student buddies. Ask them about their experience – of the selection procedure and their time at school.
  5. Register for an Academic Challenge.