Spend A Semester or Year in Oxford

Gap Year Online

Spend 6 or 12 weeks learning about the stories and ideas that help shape our world as you explore your passions and build practical skills for life.


Now, more than ever, the adjustment from high school to university or the work force can be jarring and intimidating. But this moment of transition also provides an opportunity to reflect on what drives you, what you find meaningful and what you want to contribute to the world. Gap Year Online is designed to foster these moments of reflection, self-discovery and exploration. This Spring, study online with New York Times journalists and other industry experts who will deepen your understanding of the world, widen your horizons and help you plan for the future.


Oxford believes in the power of education for all and encourage students from all backgrounds to apply and offer financial aid and scholarships to qualified applicants


EnRoute Edu’s Gap Year: Fall 2020

A recent study by College Finance estimates 15% of students are taking a gap year amid the pandemic. Similarly, EnRoute Edu is gearing up for another larger crop of gap year students going into next year.

That same study found that an intentional gap year can improve job prospects: 67% of hiring managers believed it beneficial for students and recent graduates to take a gap year amid the pandemic and 21% were more likely to hire a candidate who had taken a gap year.


  • Nominate a student for an EnRoute scholarship: In recognition of the underrepresentation of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in the gap year space, we are opening a merit-based BIPOC scholarship program.
  • Get Trained in Gap Years: Develop a broad understanding of the gap year option through EnRoute Edu’s Gap Year Training Library. This self-paced course is designed for public and private school counselors, educators, IECs and youth mentors.