IB Resources in a Pandemic

If students have felt unprepared for the challenges of undertaking CAS during a pandemic, you are not alone. CASTrips have been inundated with requests for CAS resources and opportunities for students in 2020/21 and have responded by collating all CAS videos, worksheets, student opportunities and specialist blog posts in one convenient place: the all new Teacher Resources page.


CAS Videos:

The CAS Shorts video series to help both teachers and students better understand the meaning of CAS, whilst offering inspiration and ideas for structuring CAS Experiences and Projects in line with the UN SDGs.  >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZiq2RDcD0M


Student Opportunities:

CASTrips is often asked where students can find resources and opportunities for localised Service Experiences and CAS Projects. Here, multiple options are listed – from the official UN Volunteers platform to our very own CAS Project Challenge.

Find out more about the CAS Project Challenge


CASroom Resources:

CASroom Resources feature various worksheets for students to use. CASTrips is working on a series of CAS posters, but if you would like an image-based explainer for any particular theme or topic within CAS, please let them know!



The blog page is a pioneering source of articles of interest ranging from professional development to student insights on a weekly basis. The regular lists of online Service opportunities are passed on from teachers to students around the globe. Read the March Edition here.

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