Hotel School Maastricht – Update!


This is the introduction for all new students to the city of Maastricht. It will allow students to get to know lots of people and enjoy all the city has to offer. From a museum, to a good party! It takes place mid-August. Not compulsory, but highly recommended. Check out their website.



Boostcamp will be giving students a boost to get started with life and study at HMSM! They will get to know all their fellow students, do fun workshops and visit some amazing hotels. This will leave them inspired! Boostcamp is usually in the last week of August or first week of February. It is compulsory, but students wouldn’t want to miss out!


Buddy system:

The buddy programme will help students to kick start life in Maastricht with fellow classmates. They’ll enjoy a monthly event in the first semester to explore life outside of campus. On the programme are fun things such as a wine tasting, pub quiz or tour across Maastricht.

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