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The team at Medical Doorway hope you are all keeping well as we continue to work through the challenges Covid-19 keeps presenting. In January they wrote about the huge increase in medical applications through UCAS for the 2021 admission. The effect of this is now starting to hit and they are receiving an increasing number of enquiries and applications from students who usually would have received one or more offers by this stage. Medical Doorway are supporting students who are predicted A*AA or over 40 IB points who have just received four rejections through UCAS.


This is now having a spill-over and applications for other medical school options have seen a significant rise. More applications have already processed for the QMUL MBBS in Malta than they did for the whole of 2020 and a similar statistic is evident across the other university programmes in Cyprus, Grenada and The Czech Republic.

If students haven’t secured a conditional offer through UCAS then it is strongly advised to begin applying for other programmes now as once these hit their application capacity fewer opportunities will be available. There are a variety of options still open in the UKCaribbeanMediterranean and Continental Europe.

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€40m Clinical Simulation Centre Opens:

Masaryk University in The Czech Republic is delighted to announce the opening of its brand new, state-of-the-art clinical simulation centre. This is one of the most advanced medical training facilities in the world and has been made possible by a €40,000,000 European Union grant. Students studying at this university will benefit from this resource from their enrolment all the way through to their clinical training.

The programmes in The Czech Republic are amongst some of the most popular. Fully taught in English, there is an established track record of graduates working in the UK, Israel, Japan, USA etc. after studying in this Central European nation. The Czech Republic is also considered one of the safest countries in the world, ranking eighth between Japan and Singapore on the global peace index.

Entrance exams take place on dates from April all the way through to June with times available for students in various time-zones. This includes Charles University First Faculty of Medicine and Masaryk University which are both eligible for US Federal Funding. The fees to study in the Czech Republic start from only €10,500 a year at Palacky University and there are six separate medical schools for students to apply to!

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Study in the Mediterranean:

For students that are not keen to sit an entrance exam, the programmes at Queen Mary University of London in Malta and The University of Nicosia in Cyprus base admission decisions on interview.

The programme in Malta is a UK degree and for international students represents a significant saving compared to studying in the UK. This programme is also open to UK students who did not secure a seat in UCAS but are determined to study at a Russell Group university.

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus is becoming one of Europe’s most popular medical schools. The six-year programme offers clinical placement opportunities in the UK (for qualifying students) and the United States. The university also awards scholarships worth up to 20% of the published tuition fees. Conditional offers for A-level are at ABB and IB, 32 points.

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Still time to apply to the UK:

For international students there is still an opportunity to study in London. The MBBS at Brunel University is open for applications with online interviews scheduled to take place from May. This programme is specifically for international students, so offers another option for those who are determined to study in the UK. Scholarships worth £6,000 a year in the way of a tuition fee discount are available.

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