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Elevation: Seoul: After a two-week quarantine, Minerva students are in Seoul for the spring semester. Wearing face masks and following social distancing protocols, students participated in a hybrid Elevation with virtual and in-person components to explore the city and orient themselves to their new community: >>Pictures<<


Is Online Learning Effective for Natural Science Courses: Without a physical laboratory, many students are hesitant to take science courses online, fearing a lack of interaction and inefficient learning. However, in a recently published case study, Professor Megan Gahl and Professor Allison Gale are currently working with Minerva students so that active learning and new technology can successfully facilitate online learning and help students to think like a scientist: >>ReadAcademic Practice in Ecology and Evolution<<


An Exemplary Model for Modern Higher Education: Universities should enable students to succeed not just in coursework but also in future careers by helping them develop professional skills. As an early and prominent leader in university innovation, Minerva Schools was featured in the Edge Foundation’s case study on the forward-looking programs that are addressing critical gaps in modern higher education: >>Case study<<

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