Digital Discovery Day – Breda University of Applied Sciences

Digital Discovery Day: Your Road to BUas

On Saturday 6 February 2021 from 11:00-16:00 CET BUas are organising a Digital Discovery Day for international students. Join this day to get to know all ins and outs of studying at BUas. Visit webinars and online tours and reach out to professors from student office, students and lecturers with questions.


Study in the Netherlands & Discover Your World!

In six different sessions it will get into what it is like to study in the Netherlands and what kind of practical matters should be considered. Why choose BUas, and which programme?

Discover the brand-new campus and the city of Breda and start your road to BUas! promo video>>

During this day, staff and students will share the core of studying at BUas and potential students can ask all their questions. It will be a day full of variation, with webinars, info sessions, virtual tours, a quiz and Q&A.

Find detailed programme of the Digital Discovery Day and registration links here.



11.00-12.00: Studying in the Netherlands: the education system

45 min. webinar + 15 min. Q&A by staff and international students

-What is it like to study in the Netherlands?

-What is a university of applied sciences?

-What is the teaching style?

-And what are the costs?

12.00-12.45: An introduction to the university and study programmes

30 min. interactive webinar + 15 min. Q&A by students and staff

-Why study at BUas?

-What kind of programs are offered?

-Project examples

-International experiences from students

12.45-13.30: Studying at Breda University of Applied Sciences: the practical matters

30 min. webinar + 15 min. Q&A

-Application procedure



-Side jobs

13.45-14.15: Discover the Campus and the City of Breda

20 min. video tour + 10 min. Q&A by our international students

-New green campus

-Modern facilities

-The city of Breda

-Student life

-Students favourite spots in the city

14.15-14.45: How to survive studying in the Netherlands

30 min. interactive quiz + 15 min. Q&A

-Get to know the Dutch culture with questions about:

-Dutch food

-How to deal with the Dutch?

-The weather


15.00-15.45: Job opportunities

30 min. webinar + 15 min. Q&A

-What’s the value of a Dutch degree?

-Which job opportunities do students have after graduation?

-Stay-back year

-Job examples of past graduates

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