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Working Together in the New Term:

With the start of new term, Uni of Reading would like to continue working with students to continue their journey to the University. Now available to meet with students in virtual sessions and deliver talks on various topics such as UCAS application process, personal statements, subject taster sessions with academics and many more. Students will interact with expert academics in their relative fields and learn more about their subjects, research, and interesting facts about the University of Reading.

If students would like to request a virtual session or discuss how working together in the new term, please do get in touch at f.a.hunt@reading.ac.uk


Excellence in Medical Science:

University of Reading lecturers have received great demand recently from media outlets looking to give their viewers and readers expert opinions and guidance on the current Covid-19 pandemic. The Uni of Reading are home too many excellent researchers in medical science who are also expert communicators. Dr Simon Clark is just one of those academics, an expert microbiologist, as well as teaching on modules for our Biomedical, Microbiology and Biochemistry undergraduate students. Simon works in the world-renowned Institute for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Research  researching how certain bacteria can cause cardiovascular disease and ways to prevent it. Here he talks about his current research in free online course on Microbiology:

Small and Mighty available through FutureLearn!


Webinars for International Students:

The Uni of Reading has an excellent library of recorded guidance webinars delivered by leading experts from across the University providing practical advice on the journey to university in the UK, including tips on how to write a strong application and a personal statement, what is like to be an international student, what student accommodations are like, and much more…

Watch Webinars>>

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