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For any budding economists (business students, politicians, historians ++), the student led Warwick Economics Summit below may be of particular interest. This is the first time 16 to 18 year olds have been invited, and the student executive would love to see students online tomorrow and Monday.


Warwick Economics Summit 

February 2021 will see the 20th annual student-run Economics Summit, which regularly attracts a starry line-up of eminent speakers (Nobel Prize-winners, ex-Prime Ministers from Europe, MPs and editors in chief of leading economic publications among them). This is student-led, and also attracts international delegation of students from around Europe. For 2020/21, Economics Summit is opening its (virtual!) doors to students aged 16 to 18, and they would love you to join them online! There are two preliminary events that may be of interest to your budding Economists and Social Scientists:


  • Life After WES: Alumni Panel, Thursday 12 November 2020, 18:00–19:00GMT/ 19:00–20:00CET:
  • Further information: Hear from five previous WES-coordinators, who have now graduated from Warwick to become graduate analysts (Barclays), strategy consulting associate (EY Parthenon) and Master’s student (University of Oxford), among others. Economics Summit have a Facebook page with additional details:
  • To join: No registration required, Zoom link:
  • WES Presents Issues in Access to Higher Education: Problems and Solutions, Monday 16 November 2020, 18:00GMT / 19:00CET
  • Further information: Education is life-changing. But what inequalities are there accessing education, and why do they exist? What are the solutions to these historic problems in education, and how has the pandemic impacted this? To discuss this topic Warwick will be joined by representatives from the Bank of England, SEO London, Discover Economics, and Zero Gravity. Participants will be invited to join the discussion including our distinguished speakers from these organisations, and current members of Warwick Economics Summit. Economics Summit have a Facebook page with additional details:

To join: No registration required, Zoom link:


Warwick Undergraduate Webinar

Lana Shaugney, Abby Gausden and Dr Stephen Soanes will be online this Saturday 14 November (10:00GMT/ 11:00CET) to offer an introduction to Warwick. The session will be especially relevant to students at an earlier stage who want an introduction to Warwick. Parents and counsellors are equally welcome, and a recording will be available afterwards:


School Webinars: Southampton-Surrey-Warwick, and Just Warwick!

SSW are developing a talk on Support Services, including Careers. Details to follow soon! Warwick (solo) and Southampton-Surrey-Warwick (collectively) are available for school webinars. If students wish to talk or participate in a Q+A please let the Warwick University know. However, live events from the university will be shared by upload of recordings.


Academic Departments Live Chats and Webinars

For students who want to engage direct with their preferred departments, many are offer live chats. For live chats see:

(including Life Sciences, Liberal Arts, Economics, Classics and Ancient History, Physics, History of Art and regular general sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). More details to follow soon on the webinars and taster sessions!


(But Warwick also have an update on A*A*A equivalent grades)

A*A*A Equivalent Grades

Entry requirements have been updated and should be visible online for IB (40); European Baccalaureate (88%); French Baccalaureate (17/20 overall); Abitur (1.2); Spanish Titulo de Bachiller (9.4), Polish Matura (two written extended subjects in the 90th percentile; and one further written extended subject in the 85th percentile); Hungarian Matura/Erretsegi with 5 overall from five subjects including 75% in each of two advanced or higher subjects. Other state exams have been amended, and please let me know if you need more. These are Warwick’s highest requirements for specific degrees (, Computer Science, Mathematics), and in other cases different grades are set.

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