Scholarships & Updates from BCB

We were delighted and proud to welcome the class of 2024 to BCB for in-person instruction this fall semester, in compliance with the health and safety guidelines of the Berlin Senate. This year BCB enrolled 77 new students coming from 41 different countries. After successfully completing Language & Thinking program, the new Bard Berliners dove right into the fall semester.

As new students settle into their university experience, applications for the Fall 2021 admission are now live. We’re excited to tell you more about how the fall 2020 semester is taking place, study and scholarship opportunities, and brand new digital resources for your students in the following sections.


Academic Opportunities at BCB: American degree in Europe1:7 faculty-student ratiointernshipworldwide Bard Network

Scholarship Opportunities for Fall 2021 Applicants: Bard College Berlin Scholarship | Open Europe Scholarship

Digital Resources for Your Students: Schedule & Registration for Advising | Schedule & Registration for Tours | Schedule & Registration for Live Chats

Check on BCB website in October!

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