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Register for October 24th!


We are pleased to announce that the CalArts invite future CalArtians from around the globe to join us on Saturday, September 26th and October 24th to Explore CalArts. The event will mark the launch of the new prospective student website, where students will be able to learn more about their program(s) of interest, register for events that CalArts will be hosting or attending, view a virtual map of our campus, and much much more.  Students will have the chance to connect directly with CalArts Faculty, Students and Staff from across the Institute, through live sessions that will be held throughout the day.


Schedule of Events for September 26th

Access to Education Panel: 10am-11:30am PDT
An open discussion and panel about access to CalArts education, including information  about Financial Aid, Equity & Diversity, Student Services and Support, Pathways, and more.
EXPLORE School of Art: 
2-4pm PDT
EXPLORE School of Dance: 1pm-2:30pm PDT
EXPLORE School of Film/Video: 12pm-2pm PDT
EXPLORE School of Music: 1pm-2:30pm PDT
EXPLORE School of Theater: 1pm-2pm PD

Acting Masterclass: 2pm-3pm PDT
     Experience Design and Production Faculty Meetings: 2pm-4pm PDT

(Check back for more details about the October event schedule!)

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