Uncommon Autumn: A 12-Week Course for Self-Directed Students Sept 8th – Nov 17th

In this 12-week class, a continuation of our popular Uncommon Summer course, you’ll join a community of other motivated do-ers to gain tools and resources for brainstorming, planning, and launching a self-directed project.

Creating a self-directed project will teach you to work outside your comfort zone, develop new strengths, discover your weaknesses, become more emotionally intelligent, and build your confidence. As the originator and decision-maker, you’ll learn entrepreneurial skills like divergent thinking, project scoping, pitching, and productivity.

As part of this course, you’ll:

  • Receive access to an OnDemand video curriculum with all the tools you need to create a self-directed project
  • Join bi-weekly workshop sessions with Bonnie Swift (Stanford Storytelling Project), to help you brainstorm, give and receive feedback, and troubleshoot challenges as they arise
  • Collaborate with a group of motivated peers via a private Discord community where you’ll have the chance to make personal connections, build community, and work in teams.
  • Read and watch a curated selection of articles & videos on how to grow as a self-directed learner

Who is this for? Students who:

  • Have a cool project idea that they want to make happen this fall
  • Are already working on a project and looking for more ideas/tools/inspiration to take it to the next level
  • Want to make a tangible contribution to their community or the larger world
  • Have a lot of creative ideas, but just need some structure in order to put them into practice

… But really we’re helping to prepare the next generation of leaders who are coming of age in this highly complex and unprecedented historical moment. In that sense, if you’re between the ages of 14-17, you’re welcome to join us!

This is not for students who:

  • Already have a crazy busy fall planned
  • Are already stressed out by the whole college process and are reading this feeling like OMG this is one. more. thing.

But if this sounds interesting:

Learn More & Register Here

As with all our courses, there are pay-what-you-can spots available. Please don’t be shy!

Stay curious (but at like a socially acceptable distance),


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