Attract students to study CP at your school!

Looking to provide your students with the fundamental academic and practical skills needed to become the next generation business leader in sustainability management? 

Educating business leaders with a keen understanding for sustainability is the future!

The Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) is proud to offer to IB Schools the Career-Related Studies program in Business and Sustainability.  It prepares students to develop their competencies in becoming responsible leaders.

CrS Subjects – Foundation







  • Fundamentals of Sustainability
  • Sustainable Innovation
  • Leadership


Applied Component – 3 Pathways








  • Sustainability Leadership Camp in Switzerland, Italy or in your local school location.
  • Choice of three pathways: Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable Hospitality or Nature Conservation


Download the SUMAS CrS handbook for more information or arrange a call with the SUMAS CP Coordinator to find out how you can implement this program at your school!

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