What is a MakerSpace? This video is longer, but it gives great insight into how this school MakerSpace is structured.


An interview with the founder of the MakerSpace at Nanjing International School


How MIT approaches their MakerSpace


ISIDORE, a company dedicated to recycling electronics in an attempt to help save the environment


A look inside the MakerSpace and Maker Program at an American college-preparatory school.

This link was recommended by Ruth from the UK: https://www.scrapstoresuk.org/

Outdoor Making:

Natural Materials: Think of any child turned loose to play in the woods, a park, a backyard, or on the beach. Chances are it won’t be long before they start gathering materials and creating things with them. Primordial materials like mud, sticks, leaves, rocks, sand, and water, abundant in quantity, offer potential for materials exploration, free play, or planning and constructing. With the right framing, a pile of sticks and leaves can become stacks of construction material for a collaborative shelter build. How might you leverage the power of natural materials in your space? How might you take making outside?
MAKERSPACES HIGHLIGHTS OF SELECT LITERATURE Steve Davee, Lisa Regalla, and Stephanie Chang May 2015

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Colin Furze is a modern day mad scientist/inventor/engineer. Here are some videos of his incredible creations! Do we have any mad scientists at MIS?