Empowering Youth: The Base 10 Changemakers Summit 

By Marcelo G.R, Grade 10 

In the heart of MIS, a gathering of young minds is underway, driven by a common purpose: to ignite change and foster a generation of impactful leaders.

On May 23rd – 25th, The Base 10 Changemakers Summit will be hosted for the first time ever by Munich International School (MIS) in collaboration with Frankfurt International School (FIS) and the American International School of Budapest (AISB). 200 external guests will be attending this event, including students and staff from more than 10 countries around Europe. Interviews with key figures involved shed light on the motivations, aspirations, and overarching goals of this empowering event. 

K Wainwright and Hermann G., MIS students involved in the summit’s organization, share their motivations and goals. Wainwright explains,

“I wanted to participate in something that I found valuable, and when my coding teacher presented me with a chance to create a website for the summit and then later participate in it, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Gnezdilov echoes this sentiment, stating,

“But I would say more generally I would like to learn how to use the tools around us for sustainability and ‘making a change’.” 

Sam .H, a student from Frankfurt International School, who hosted the summit last year, reflects on the success of the previous summit. With a diverse array of schools, individuals, and inspiring speakers, the event left an indelible mark on its participants. According to Sam,

“It was a very successful conference since we gathered a large group of schools, individuals and inspiring speakers. I would say that everyone who joined the conference gained important tools and information, and most of all were inspired by it. So, I would say it was a great success.”

He also emphasized how the summit has changed his thinking,

“It has opened up our minds to how young people can also have an impact in the world and how we need to be able to show agency and make their own voice heard. It’s inspired a lot of us to start thinking about how we could make an impact as the future generation.” 

FIS Changemaker profile from the previous summit (K. Berkman/Buchhof Bulletin) 

Ms. Howald, one of the teachers organizing the event, provides insight into the summit’s overarching goals and inspirations. Rooted in the concept of “Base 10 Changemakers,” the summit aims to inspire students to effect change, starting froma grassroots level. According to Ms. Howald,

“The idea with base 10 is that you can create a change at a small scale, and it will have repercussions to larger scale actions and larger scale differences.”

By fostering a community of solution-oriented individuals, the summit seeks to empower students to address both local and global challenges. The initiative, born out of the inspiration drawn from the previous summit in Frankfurt, embodies a commitment to building change within our societies. With a focus on skill development and fostering creativity, the summit aims to equip participants with the tools and inspiration needed to navigate the complexities of the modern world. 

Draft mission statement for the Base 10 Changemakers Summit (K. Berkman/Buchhof Bulletin) 

As we approach May 23rd to 25th, keep an eye out for the guest speakers lined up for the summit. If you’re interested in joining this summit yourself, reach out to Ms. Berkman at the Middle School. 

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